Thursday, February 19, 2015

This book literally changed my life.

Such a cliche, but it's true. The Marie Kondo bestseller has been the topic of many think pieces and media attention. And after reading it, it's easy to see why.

I was reading a passage in this book about the way that clothes want to be folded! Yes! The clothes have a way that they want to be folded! You will "feel" the way that the clothes will need to be stored. "Psh, this sounds like a bunch of hooey," I thought to myself. It just so happens I had a load of clothes in the dryer. As the buzzer went off, I realized I had a perfect opportunity to try the folding styles she mentioned in the book. 

Lo and behold the clothes spoke to me. It felt great to fold them in the perfect pockets like she instructs. Maybe there was something to this after all. As I finished this load, I was annoyed with the other clothes in my dresser, not folded in the perfect way...I couldn't wait to get started. 

In a nutshell, Kondo says that you should take each item you own in your hands and ask yourself, "Does this item bring me joy?" Once your get rid of the excess, you should be left with only items that you want to care for. The theory is that once you have only the items that matter, you can focus on the important things in your life. Kondo claims that none of her clients have relapsed and that many end up losing weight, looking better and they are able to focus on long-shelved dreams and aspirations. 

After clearing almost all of the sections in my house, I woke up the next day refreshed and felt lighter and healthier than I had in years. I wish I had taken more before and after pictures, but I really didn't know this would be a life-changing activity (even though it's in the title of the book!) Another thing that I love about the book is that she encourages you to use the things that you already own to help you organize. 

I will say that I have felt better (although there has still been some tidying in between). I am actually thinking of getting rid of more.  And since I have cleared my wardrobe, people have been complimenting my outfits more often. 

Honestly it's such a short read for such a life-changing book.

Recycled storage containers

Look at that upright folding!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Books and One Sentence About Them.

What do you do when a woman claiming to be Anne Frank is living in your attic? 
I remember nothing about this book, but I like Bryan Lee O'Malley.

This was charming and I will never make chair the same way again.

Sexy, funny feminist.

Makes me wish there was more fiction like this.

I remember nothing about this book, but I love Shelia Heti.

 “a regular novel that people actually read.”

Sexier, graphic version of the Fermata.

More people need to know Jordan Crane.

The most difficult name for Murakami's most accessible work.

I failed the second grade because I am just now reading this.

This isn't out yet, but googling it led me to "better than sex mascara."

A new standard from an entertaining lady.

A likeable know-it-all.

Super fun for the kids.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

I am really excited about this book, I just wish it would come out in time for the new year.

Rubin has created the thesis that habit-changers fall into four categories called the Four Tendencies. Once you figure out what category you fall into, you can use that to choose which strategies featured in the book work best for you. And there are plenty of different strategies, some familiar, some new.

Rubin introduces a great new framework that will probably become very popular. My only issues with the book are that there is no definitive test for the Four Tendencies, which can lead to a lot of confusion because the rest of the book refers to the Four Tendencies so much. (Perhaps I am an Upholder?) The other is that there is so much information that I can become a little overwhelming...but I guess I may just have to read it again, not that I mind so much.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Urban Dare 2014

Did this a few years ago in Dallas and didn't finish (even though my partner was awesome). The Fort Worth version was a lot easier, almost too easy. We finished in about an hour 45 minutes but we haven't gotten the email with our time.