Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tips for a first date

1. You need to let the woman know before you go out that you are unemployed. This is only so you don't pay and she has to feel bad. I feel like an ass.

2. Do not kiss her neck when she hugs you hello.

3. You cannot make ANY off color, sexual remarks until the last part of the second date. Don't offer up a massage on the first date.

4. Tip. I know this goes against #1, but if you don't tip, you are sort of an ass.

5. DO NOT INTERRUPT. Omg, I like to give people a break because I know that they may be nervous but that is such a turn off.


Coffee-n-Cake said...

omg, is this a date you went on? b/c if so that sucks!
why are guys so so clueless?

Whereismyrobot said...

Okay, I reread this and I know I kind of sound like as asshole, but I hate being confused about this.

This guy invites me out, then gets all hinky about paying. I am not a gold digger, I have my own job, I can make my own money. It is my understanding that the person who asks the other out pays.

So later, I got a text that says "truly enjoyed our talk now get some sleep and message next time u are free for a dutch dinner and a movie or drink :-) PS u smelled good :-P"

I didn't answer, then an hour later:

"Did u get my last message? just curious"

So was I an asshole?

Whereismyrobot said...
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Coffee-n-Cake said...

ummm NO you were not an asshole. Don't ever talk to him again. creepy and Lameee.
I say it is better to be a little bit mean and give him the hint than lead him on. Like this lame dude kept texting Sam and she didnt want to talk to him, but she kept politely texting him thing to do....don't respond!

**this story is hilarious though

Whereismyrobot said...

I'm just so bad at it. If I am into a guy he is not into me. And if he is into me, I am not interested and I can't get rid of him. You would think that after 32 years, it would be less awkward or I would get better. It just seems like I am still in middle school and someone is pulling on my pigtails.

FrequencyDown said...

No, you are NOT being an asshole. I ALWAYS make it clear that I'm unemployed or don't have money. That way you can either plan ahead and set a future date when you know you'll have money OR you can find something free or cheap to do instead.

I HATE having to have someone pay for me, but sometimes they insist. When it's clear the person wants to and doesn't mind...then fine. But even then, you should somehow make it up.

Also, what did the Good Show say about me?

Whereismyrobot said...

I like paying for my friends SOMETIMES, but I think the rule applies that the person who does the asking, does the paying. This is actually why I picked a cheap place, to be honest.

Like I am trying to rip the guy off for a Schlitz and a slice.

They were talking about accidentally playing a song with a curse word in it. They said they were going the way of Frequency Down. I think it was in the show with Daniel Folmer.