Saturday, April 4, 2009

More NX35 stuff

Record Hop

Centromatic at Dan's

Robert Gomez at Dan's

Little Jack Melody at the Boiler Room

Doug Burr


March, the month that was

Last month was a blur. NX35 was amazing. Here are random pictures. Enjoy.

Vic Tayback strikes again at Pub Quiz.

Crawfish Boil at Dan's. So. Much. Fun. And Zydeco music!

Lost night at Greg's. Thank you, Greg!

Another gorgeous evening at Dan's.

Tee hee!

Tee hee again!

I kicked Andrew's ass. That play "motorize" was a BINGO and the Z hit the triple.

Saw a lot of the Greenbelt this month.

Centromatic's set list. That was an amazing night.

Goug Burr and Glen. Wonderful!

Greg and Brooke.



One of the most romantic meals I have had in a while and it was with a chick. I love Guisseppe's.

Dryer rack.