Tuesday, October 26, 2010


These are my goals for next year. I tried to make them specific and measureable, but so many are beyond my control; although most are not.
1. Run my first race.
2. Get my mile under ten minutes regularly.
Seriously, I had been slacking on this, but I really need to step it up.
3.Get my MLS.
Working on it.
4. Go to that fondue place.
Wanted to go, but it is sort of romantical, so I can hold off on it.
5. Get Mac into some sort of Activity.
This goal is not really specific or measurable, but it really depends on what there is in my area. I would love to get him into herding, but would really like to get out of the house with him once a week.
6. Meet more people.
7. Read three books in a month.
Actually pretty close to this now, though I haven't sat down and counted.
8. Get my crosswords under ten mintues regularly.
Practice Practice Practice
9. Get back into competitive scrabble.
10. Have a real party (possibly Christmas party).e
11. Some sort of advancement in my current position at work.
This may be sort of hard right now with the economy being what it is.
12. Seriously unclutter the kitchen.
Possibly buy actual grown up dishes instead of the plastic, scratched weird ones from Target.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

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