Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Books and One Sentence About Them.

What do you do when a woman claiming to be Anne Frank is living in your attic? 
I remember nothing about this book, but I like Bryan Lee O'Malley.

This was charming and I will never make chair the same way again.

Sexy, funny feminist.

Makes me wish there was more fiction like this.

I remember nothing about this book, but I love Shelia Heti.

 “a regular novel that people actually read.”

Sexier, graphic version of the Fermata.

More people need to know Jordan Crane.

The most difficult name for Murakami's most accessible work.

I failed the second grade because I am just now reading this.

This isn't out yet, but googling it led me to "better than sex mascara."

A new standard from an entertaining lady.

A likeable know-it-all.

Super fun for the kids.