Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Day song challenge Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event

The Fray's Look After You will forever remind me of the only Ben Folds concert I have gone to so far.

My friends Chris, Jen, Chase John and I drove out to Nokia for an evening of pianoriffic crooning. Our first surprise was that our seats were the worst ever, not because they had the distinction of being in the LAST row of the massive complex, but the SECOND to last...behind a pole, I believe.

The Fray opened up for Folds before many people really knew who they were. They were just bombing with the crowd. Most were polite, but it didn't seem like anyone was into it. Then they play this number, but beforehand, they try to get us involved in a little Folds-style audience participation. They tried to get the audience to sing along to the WHOA portion of this song. And it really fell flat. It is a pretty tough move as an opening act to try to get a sing along going even if it is only one word.

Maybe it was the $20 parking and the $12 Smirnoff Ices talking, but this seemed to be an extended version of the song that lasted twenty minutes...totally falling on an audience that did not give a shit. They kept trying though. God bless 'em, but every few minutes, my friends and I kept looking at eachother like we could NOT believe this crap was still going on.

Anyway, I heard that shit at Krogers the other day and could not stop laughing.

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