Friday, July 1, 2011

How do I know you?

Ah this is stolen from Drink Five Alive's blog. I am going to describe how I know each of my followers.

Dustin and I may or may not know each other from Denton, but met in New York last October. For some reason, anyone else pulling this move would be sort of creepy, but there is not a creepy bone in Dustin's body as far as I can tell. I wish we hadn't met on the last night when I had to catch a 6:30 flight the next day, because he seems really interesting and I think we could talk about books for a while.

Baby bones, okay I have no idea who this person is or why they are following me. Your link that you shared says barely legal so I don't know if you are a real person or a spambot or what. You following me is actually kind of creepy. You are the anti-Dustin.

Just James my favorite cousin if you don't count his wife! (Don't let the rest of the family see this) He is smart, funny and has the most awesome family ever. He also wears monkey shoes.

Douglas we worked together at Sci-tech. He's a player.

Herod Dotus is Shaun? I don't know who this is. If it's Shaun, we worked together at UNT.

Josh Berthume new media guru. We met in puppy class. Your new office is awesome. Your new addition to the family is awesome. Your wife is awesome. Your brother in law thought my heart was a soccer ball. We enjoy twitter tagging and going to lavender farms where the is no lavender.

Ryan is my Canadian soccer pal who is on the twitters. :) You are very active on twitter, but we haven't talked in a while. Why the distance, Ryan? Don't say it's because you live in Canada. I hate that excuse.

kittykatx and I met the one time I worked in public service at work. She is a cool, comic con person who is probably too cool for me.

Greg I don't know how we met, but Greg is one of the most awesome librarians around. You have to give it up for any male librarian putting up with all that estrogen all the time.

Matt Wilson is my college crush. Smart, funny and kind of mean, Matt didn't really have a way with the ladies in college, but I am sure all that has changed now that he cut off that mullet.

Coffee n Cake Jen is another friend that moved to NYC, but it was so sudden. We used to go to epic parties at her house on Bryan Street and she is the most fun to play croquet with. She doesn't break up with dudes before she heads to Europe.

beverlopolis I have no idea about the good times we have had.

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