Sunday, August 7, 2016

101 Things in 1001 Days redux

Health and Fitness

1. Get back to running a ten minute mile
2. Run three times a week on a regular basis
3. Try a new vegetable
4. Try tennis again
5. Try a new fruit
6. Try a new 5k
7. Start a yoga practice
8. Lose some damn weight

Personal and Family

9. Take some of the kiddos on an outing (American Girl? Klyde Warren Park?)
10. Have a family game day
11. Be a Big Sister

House Stuff

12. Paint the living room
13. Get the foundation fixed
14. Make my backyard actually livable
15. Fix up Lane Chest
16. Fix the hot tub or get rid of it / call Junk King
17. Fix my damned lawnmower
18. Hook up lights with Alexa
19. Make an outdoor shower

Career and computer

20. Set up arduino
21. Set up photo robot
22. Learn how to make animated gifs
23. Build a simple robot
24. Make this smart mirror

Culture and Artsy Fartsy Stuff

25.Finish making DLP and put it on Etsy

26.Go see a film at the Modern
27. Eat at Bird Cafe
28. Try an old-fashioned at at least twenty bars in the DFW area
29. Try Free Play
30. Try Kung Fu Saloon
31. Nickelrama
32. Pinstack
33. Put Corgi book ends on Etsy
34. Join Carrolton Makerspace?
35. Finish watching AFI 100
36. Play competitive Scrabble again
37. Panther Island Pavillion
38. Go to at least three meetups
39. Cowgirl Museum
40. Private karaoke
41. Go back to the World Aquarium
42. Sixth floor museum
43. Porn Bloopers
44. Fred's Texas Cafe
45. Sneaky Petes (I don't know why)
46. Spa Castle
47. Find the Toto Washlets in Dallas and experience them
48. Campisi's
49. Drinks in Reunion Tower
50. First Friday at the Modern
51. Learn to play an instrument (I really want to play drums, but that is unrealistic)
52. Make a quilt
53. Sew a dress
54. Get that tattoo
55. Perfect my bath bomb recipe
56. Make some of these half bottle planters

57. Finish setting up novelty horn on the Honda
58. Make some of these hot chocolates on a stick
59. Perfect my candle making technique


60. Read Working
61. Read What to Eat
62. Read Columbine
63. Read Little Birds
64. Read The Group
65. Read something by Alain de Botton
66. Read Snow Crash
67. Read Night Film
68. Read the Bell Jar
69. Read Hawkeye
70. Read And the Heart Says Whatever
71. Read Wonder
72. Read A Prayer for Owen Meany
73. Read A People's History of the United States
74. Read Stoner
75. Read Lumberjanes
76. Read Diary of a Teenage Girl

Mac Dog

77. Start a Corgi meetup
78. Read So You're Dog's Not Lassie
79. Teach Mac "Squeak"
80. Go to some sort of class or group with Mac (agility?)


81. Take a road trip alone
82. Renew passport
83. Camping
84. Go to Canada
85. Go to weird caverns in Austin
86. Go tubing 
87. Go to Fraternal Order of Eagles
88. Go to a tiki restaurant
89. Visit Marfa
90. Go to Magic Time Machine
91. Shiner, TX
92. Brenham Blue Bell Tour
93. Pick your own fruit place
94. Dollywood
95. Sesame Place
96. House on Rock
97. Buddy Holly museum
98. Go to that weird shopping center between Denton and Dallas with the dinette store
99. Go fishing
100. Go caroling
101. Make as many Christmas gifts as I buy one year. 

If anyone wants to help me with any of these, let me know!!

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