Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eavesdropping Granny

Apparently I called my Grandmother at midnight Thursday accidentally. My Grandmother said that I was with "some guy" and that she stayed on the phone listening for ten minutes. I told her that I was sorry I woke her and she told me that it was "interesting." So, for the record, I think my Grandmother is a voyeur.

She only hung up because she heard me say "Ok! I am going in now." And then she heard me walk up to my door and closed it and heard nothing else. She also informed me that she was awoken the night before because she had left the thermostat on. When she got up to turn it off, there was a possum on her couch. She tried to poke it with a stick but it wouldn't move and she had to throw it out by it's tail.

That is your Granny update for the week.

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