Friday, November 14, 2008

Morgan Spurlock and Free Jamesons

Greg and I went to see Morgan Spurlock speak at UNT last night. I don't really agree with some of Spurlock's tactics even if I agree with the message. I don't eat at McDonald's but I understand why people do, having lived with someone who ate fast food for every meal of the day (No exaggeration). Spurlock did an hour of stand up / speaking, which Greg thought was too rehearsed, but I enjoyed. He mainly stuck to talking about Super Size Me.

He mentioned in his speech that the CEO of McDonalds died of a heart attack and the CEO after that got sick with cancer. I think it was a little mean-spirited of him to use this to his own ends. Also, many otherwise healthy people get colorectal cancer. He failed to mention that the second CEO died. Comically enough, I was extremely excited to see an Einstein's Bagels in the ground floor of the Union.

The speech was packed and afterwards, Spurlock took a few questions from the audience. I asked him if it was difficult being a meat eater and living with a vegan, which I meant more logistically. I know as a vegetarian, it is hard to find places that I and all my friends can dine at. He said that it wasn't because he doesn't cook meat in the house and his wife is a great I guess I better work on my minimal cooking skills. A lot of people asked questions about making it in the film industry and one guy had some weird question about porn that he kind of trailed off on. Some guy asked to shake his hand, which was actually really cute and sweet. His basic advice as far as film making was to keep track of the money and do as much of it yourself as you can.

While this girl was in line to ask a question, she thought she would just hold a conversation at normal level with the person next to her. She went on for ten minutes this way. The several people giving her a dirty look didn't stop her, but me taking her picture did. I did this awesome ghetto photoshop.

Afterwards we went to the Loophole for a beer, but it turned into a longer night than I had planned because they were giving away free Jameson's. I was hurting this morning, but I had my bagel to keep me toasty.

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greg said...

Can't beat free Jameson's on a cold night plus free prizes! Ya just never know when a baseball cap, deck of cards & flashing shot glass will come in handy!
That was Linus blanket-boy with porn comment, right?
Smart thinking to protect the guilty's identity a la 'dirty deeds done dirt cheap'.