Monday, December 8, 2008

More fartsy, less artsy

Greg and I went to the Urban Street Bazaar and Art Conspiracy Auction. It was so much fun. We were supposed to go to the Bake Sale at Dan's, but Greg is old so he had to go home and watch Murder She Wrote or something along those lines.

I also finally got to check out the Soda Gallery.

These quilts were amazing.

This is my favorite, it is about a slut. Please look at the detail. Most art doesn't make you LOL, but this quilt did.

Then it was on to the Art Conspiracy Auction. They give the artists 24 hours, they create, the bidding starts at twenty. Some of the auctioneers were better than others.

I bid 20 on this one, right after I did someone yelled $100. People like angry clouds.

Greg won this one called Chowder (that isn't the name, but that is what we called it.). He was the envy of many others.


greg said...

Hey now!
I thought you promised you wouldn't mention my 'Murder She Wrote' & depends, if I didn't mention your QVC addiction and pre-menopausal heat flashes. oh well. It's all out now.
Good times, good times.

Whereismyrobot said...

How dare you!