Friday, June 10, 2011

Resolutions-an update

1. Run my first race.
Haven't yet. I paid for the Cowtown, but got REALLY sick before.
2. Get my mile under ten minutes regularly.
I am still working on this, but it is not going well. The important thing is that I am running again.
3.Get my MLS.
Funny, I am taking what is basically an exit composition this week. This started today.
4. Go to that fondue place.
5. Get Mac into some sort of Activity.
I have been asking around about this, I think I may put him in agility in the fall.
6. Meet more people.
I have been meeting a crap ton of people lately, but I guess this is ongoing.
7. Read three books in a month.
I am certain I am meeting my quota on this one. A quick check of Good Reads says I have read 24, so I am up by one!
8. Get my crosswords under ten mintues regularly.
Not really very close yet.
9. Get back into competitive scrabble.
I have asked around but not done anything about this.
10. Have a real party (possibly Christmas party).
My house is so much cleaner, so I could probably have people over any time now.
11. Some sort of advancement in my current position at work.
Probably not happening, though I did interview.
12. Seriously unclutter the kitchen.
Probably could use a little update though. I still haven't bought a new dish set like a grown ass woman, but I am looking.

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