Monday, September 5, 2011

Me First and the...Fuck you, Me First

"No one trip on my soap box on the way out."
--Janeane Garofalo 

There are certain things in society that we have all agreed upon are unacceptable. Not to be Miss Manners 2011 here, but I am noticing the breaking of these agreements more and more.

Whether it's having my gynecologist call herself “retarded” while my lady bits are being examined* or bikers feeling like stop signs do not apply to them, so they run the stop sign and cut off motor vehicles. **

One interesting thing that has happened twice this weekend (and is the impetus for this post), is not fully stopping for passing emergency vehicles. I am not talking about people who are driving along and Carry on My Wayward Son comes on, and they are daydreaming about how awesome they would be at playing it on Guitar Hero.*** I am talking about people who pull over and before all the emergency vehicles pass, they see a great opportunity to bolt into traffic ahead of everyone.

I don't look at that line of emergency vehicles as a chance to screw everyone else in traffic. **** I look at them and think, “Man I hope those people that our public servants are helping are okay.” or often the more selfish, “I hope that's not my house or anyone I know! Better move!”

This is why I don't think I could ever live in a big city, because I would probably lose my shit one day if I saw enough of this stuff go down. Although my friends who live in big cities claim that living in a small, congested place makes people adhere to these rules even more, because they will be called out.

Anyway, I know only like three people will read this, but this is a call to civility damnit! You know that shit you're doing isn't right. We've all signed off on it, join us in society, won't you?

*Well this is awkward.

**By the way, this is a very bad idea considering that 87% of drivers are now distracted at all times. This is a fact I just now made up. Seriously though, bikes, you do not have the right of way. Also not such a great idea to ride with headphones, no helmet the wrong way down a one way street. I have seen this MANY times in Denton. (But you look cool cause you're on a fixie.)

***Yup, this is what it's come to.

****I'm the best!

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