Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rahr Brewery 5K

One of my resolutions this year was to run a race, and I did that...sort of.

The Rahr Brewery had their second annual Oktoberfest 5k and it was so much fun. My cousin, James, signed up for the race as well. We started off running, but I hadn't worked out for the past four weeks due to my ankle (and I did have a soccer game the night before), so I wasn't exactly race ready (not that I am that speedy to begin with). I had such a fun time talking with my cousin one on one, that we walked most of the race.

Afterwards, we went and had some beer (free with our race entrance fee, along with a pint glass and an awesome New Balance wicking tee.). They tapped a new keg of their fall brew and it was quite delicious. There was a huge party with healthy swag and the weather was perfect.

I went to the Rahr Brewery earlier this year to take their tour and fell in love with the place. This place is everything that is great about my hometown, it's like a giant family-friendly BBQ with live music and a ton of friendly people. It made me wish that I had gone on the tour sooner.

Here are pictures of the day. Note, when my mom read my t-shirt, she read it "ZEEK ZAK ZEEK ZAK. HOT HOT HO!" The last pictures are just of the surrounding area.

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