Tuesday, December 31, 2013

101 things to do in 1001 days

I am copying the Neener and coming up with 101 things to do in 1001 days. I already had a running list of these, so this is awesome!

Health and Fitness

1. Get back to running a ten minute mile
2. Try crossfit
3. Go back on the abs diet for at least a month (I saw a lot of results last time)
4. No sweets for a month.Bam! Done! I didn't eat sweets for 30 days!
5. Sign up for Obamacare Bam! Did it! 3/28/14
6. Lose 15 pounds (so original, I know)
7. Run three times a week on a regular basis
8. Attempt to ski
9. Try a new vegetable
10. Try a new fruit Tried the Durian Fruit
11. Run a 10k (it's time to bump this thing up a bit)
12. Strength train twice a week Went well for a while.
13. Get those two moles removed
14. Try swimming as an exercise for one month
15. See a nutritionist I have been working with the health coordinator from the City of Rowlett & she's awesome!
16. Read "You" book

Personal and Family

17. Write at least twice a week (it doesn't have to be public) I have been writing fairly regularly.
18. Take some of the kiddos on an outing (American Girl? Klyde Warren Park?)
19. Have a family game day
20. Hike with family members Done 3/11/14!
21. Move again

Career and computer

22. Find a new kick-butt job I should start my job at Rowlett on 1/29/14!
23. Learn Spanish (Already started, and doing pretty well!)
24. Get my website up and running (sunnylibrarian.com)
25. Set up arduino
26. Set up photo robot
27. Learn how to make animated gifs
28. Build a simple robot

Culture and Artsy Fartsy Stuff

29. Finish watching AFI 100
30. Get nice stationary and write some letters I've been writing letters like a champ.
31. Read Life of Pi Done it! Read the review here
32. Read the Stranger Finished 3/20/2014
33. Play competitive Scrabble again
34. Buy new thank you notes 1/9/14
35. Read Honda manual
36. Go to at least three meetups
37. TV seasons with friends (Mad Men? Cody?) Watched Mad Men and Amy Schumer with mr. cody.
38. rifftracks Watched Birdemic, Shock and Awe! It was so funny! 3/16
39. Billy Bob's (Willie's Fourth?)
40. Cowgirl Museum
41. Private karaoke
42. Trader's Village Done with Switchblade and his lovely girlfriend.
43. Pee off of Andrew's roof (the dream is still alive)
44. Sixth floor museum
45. Porn Bloopers
46. Babe's Chicken Finished 3/20/14
47. Fred's Texas Cafe
48. Metzlers 49. Sneaky Petes (I don't know why)
50. Spa Castle
51. Find the Toto Washlets in Dallas and experience them
52. Campisi's
53. Drinks in Reunion Tower
54. First Friday at the Modern
55. Learn to play an instrument (I really want to play drums, but that is unrealistic)
56. Make a quilt
57. See all the Oscar contenders one year
58. Brew my own beer
59. Volunteer some place that interests me
60. Get that tattoo

Mac Dog

61. Get Mac to lose 5 pounds
62. Teach Mac not to jump on people (or bite men in their crotches)
63. Start a Corgi meetup
64. Learn how to clip Mac's nails
65. Brush Mac's teeth once a month
66. Read So You're Dog's Not Lassie
67. Teach Mac "Squeak"
68. Teach Mac "Peek a boo" 2/4/14 Click for video. Took about 5 minutes! Damn that dog is smart!
69. Go to some sort of class or group with Mac (agility?)


70. Pay off credit card debt As of 6/24, only one left
71. Come up with down payment on a house
72. Save for Australia


73. Take a road trip across half the country
74. Renew passport
75. Camping
76. Go to Australia
77. Go to Canada
78. Go to Mexico again
79. Go to weird caverns in Austin
80. Go tubing in Austin
81. Try brandy Tried it at the Green House. Not my jam, but good. 1/17/14
82. Go to Fraternal Order of Eagles
83. Go to a tiki restaurant
84. Visit Marfa
85. Go on a themed cruise (comedy? max fun cruise?)
86. Go to at least two stand up shows
87. Pie someone in the face
88. Zilker Park Done with Mr. Chris, 2/2015
89. Shiner, TX
90. Brenham Blue Bell Tour
91. Pick your own fruit place
92. Dollywood
93. Dr. Pepper Museum I did it! Check it out here! 1/25/14
94. Sesame Place
95. House on Rock
96. Buddy Holly museum
97. Winstar (Dolly Parton is coming!)
I went to see Dolly Parton at Winstar 5/31 and it was so much fun!! Thanks to the fabulous wizardof78 for the awesome birthday gift.
98. One day on the Pacific Trail
99. Go to that weird shopping center between Denton and Dallas with the dinette store
100. Go fishing
101. Go caroling

If anyone wants to help me with any of these, let me know!!

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