Saturday, January 17, 2009

Midnight at the Modern.

This picture does not show this guy's pride in his hat. He was really happy with his purchase.

This was one of the Olafur Elliason sculptures that made me want to puke. I had to leave immediately. I asked one of the docents if this made other people puke. English wasn't her first language and we had this conversation where she never really answered my question, but she was super-friendly. Then another docent came in and saw that a child's handprints were on a sculpture. After that, docent one gave me the cold shoulder as if I was guilty. Boo!

We only did this because we saw a five-year old do it.

The best part of the evening was trying to teach Greg how to polka, and explain that there are two polka stances; "I want to know you better" and the "creepy uncle."

The docents at the DMA are a huge contrast to the MOMA's wtfever attitude. Two of the sculptures made me want to puke and I didn't get to see the King Tut exhibit, as it was spendy. One day, maybe.

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