Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's To Do List

Play bingo with the old ladies at a bingo hall.

Get Mac to pass the Canine Good Citizenship.

Workout four times a week instead of sporadically.

Spend more time birding.

Read 70 books.

Go gambling someplace.

Go camping at least twice because it has been forever. (and remember to pee)


H. Diorama said...

Sorry I deleted my comment. I was coming up as a H. Diorama (link to me and some friend Diorama-o-Rama blog).

You plan it. Me and my lady friends will show up.
I have the feeling my friend Shannon (Willow Weep For Me blog) will kick our ass. She just played some major bingo in Baltimore over XMAS.


Whereismyrobot said...

Yes, do you want to do this in Denton or Dallas?