Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekend pictures

Bowling with a new buddy. I seem to gravitate to non-Texans, I have no idea why.

I finally got around to playing my new games that I got for Christmas. Wii Music is so fun it is ridiculous. I may need to have a game night very soon.

I touched a Grammy at Katey's 40th birthday. Adam and I were the only ones who seemed excited by this, but screw those other people. I feel like "I touched your Grammy" deserves an LOL cats or something.

Mac likes the new car. Oh yeah, I got a new car. It is totally weird and foreign to me.

If you see this at the Greenbelt, it is time for you to leave. Crappy Iphone doesn't do the moon justice. I would rather have gone to the show at Dan's, but the moon was pretty.


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