Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Resolutions and Reflections

1. Run my first race. 
Well, sort of. I ran the Rahr Brewery 5K with my Cousin, but that was more of a hearty walk than real race. I will definitely be running more races soon though. 
2. Get my mile under ten minutes regularly. 
 Yeah, this didn't happen and will probably be on my list for next year. 
3.Get my MLS.
I finished school (again!)! Now time to find a job. 
4. Go to that fondue place. 
Did it! Almost did it twice.
5. Get Mac into some sort of Activity. 
I didn't really do this. I looked into some agility, but I would really like to take him somewhere to learn herding skills. It is so awesome when you see an animal that is doing exactly what is bred into them. 
6. Meet more people.
This was kind of a silly goal, because it is not specific or measurable. I do feel like I have met a lot of people this year though. 
7. Read three books in a month.
Good Reads says I have read 69 books this year so far (heh heh). So I guess I nailed it. 
8. Get my crosswords under ten mintues regularly.
They are at about ten minutes. 
9. Get back into competitive scrabble.
Didn't do it. I am not really  sad about it. 
10. Some sort of advancement in my current position at work. 
Blargh, my review comes up next month. However, I have learned many new skills. 
11. Seriously unclutter the kitchen. 
Did it! And redid it last night. I do need to purchase some new dishes and some under counter organization, but this happened. 

Ultimately, the things I didn't succeed at were things I didn't care about. If I had really asked myself at the beginning of the year if I really wanted to make these things happen, I probably would have said no. (With the exception of #10) 

For 2012, I plan to make goals more specific and measurable and also map out steps I need to take to achieve them. Overall though, I am pretty happy with how things turned out. 

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